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Below are just a few of the
programs on SFAWBN


Classic Truths

For years, Pastor Peters did LIVE weeknight broadcasting from his Radio Ranch, preaching and teaching straight from the Word of God, the Bible. Many times Pastor would use these nightly broadcasts to address issues of the day, sometimes discussing questions and emails that had been sent in to him, interviewing authors and others, as well as sharing years of Holy-Spirit inspired Bible truths that he had been given, and just had to share with the Remnant.

Join us each Monday evening 8pm EST. - Click here for archives


Coffee with the Radio Ranch Wranglers

Join the Radio Ranch Wranglers as they share a pot of coffee around the campfire at the Radio Ranch and discuss current events, their thoughts from the Bible, happenings at the Ranch and the Church, and more? Join us Saturday mornings on the SFAWBN Network for some Godly conversation, Biblical insight and cowboy Coffee with the Radio Ranch Wranglers. Join us each Saturday morning 9am EST.
- Click here for archives



Gideons Armory

Join Gideons Armory as Ranch Wrangler Jason and his guests Talks about subjects such as How to clean your Gun and Become a Christian, Chemtrails, The dangers of Vaccinations, Health, Survival. Science and so much more all with a Biblical Perspective, Join Gideons Armory Here on the SFAWBN Live every Tuesday night @ 7:pm Central.
Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"....
- Click here for archives



Gods Home Health Care Plan

Join Gods Home Health Care. A show for women dedicated to  life-enhancing knowledge in personal health care and just simple back to basic common sense.  Tune in every Tuesday evening 8pm EST. - Click here for archives


Armchair Survivalist

Kurt's show will help you gain knowledge, it will be informative and is geared for the "urban survivalist" who just wants to keep his little piece of the Earth together. He can help you stay safe, well fed and healthy. Kurt will help you handle nearly anything that does, or could, lower your ability to survive. If he doesn't know the answer to your question, he can tell you where to go to get it. Join Kurt every Sunday afternoon 5pm EST - Click here for archives



Radio Ranch Messages

Pastor Peters preached and teached nightly from his Radio Ranch for many years. His total radio speaking career spans a quarter of a century, providing Scriptural insight, true Biblical perspectives, and connecting current events with Biblical prophecy and past Biblical history. He has always been known to present the raw truth without fear of loss of listeners or support. He cares not to be politically correct, but Biblically correct. This radio broadcast also has interesting guests and interviews. -.Click here for archives



McCanney Science Hour

James M. McCanney, M.S. received a sound classical physics training at St. Mary's University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in physics and mathematics in 1970. He was offered full scholarship awards to three major US physics graduate schools to pursue his graduate physics studies. However, he chose instead to postpone graduate studies for a period of three years while he traveled and taught Physics and Mathematics in Spanish in Latin America. Join Mr. McCanney every Friday evening at 11pm EST - Click here for archives



The QSO Radio Show

The Amateur Radio QSO Show is a crossroads where Radio Amateurs, tell their stories and share in their life experiences in Amateur and Shortwave Radio. The QSO Radio Show also shares in the life stories and accomplishments of engineers in the forefront of the Broadcast Engineering, Audio and communications fields. The QSO Radio Show is hosted by Ted Randall WB8PUM the recipient of the 2008 & 2009 ARRL Leonard Media Award. Ted is proud to be a member of the A.R.R.L American Radio Relay League and the Society of Broadcast Engineers. every Saturday afternoon at 2pm EST - Click here for archives